How to create a Landscaping Garden and Guideline

Landscaping is the right guideline on how to create a garden.We will be sharing this post, so stay with us.There are some things or guidelines that we will follow to start landscaping the garden and they are discussed below.
Landscaping Garden

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Landscaping is the right guideline on how to create a Garden.We will be sharing this post, so stay with us.There are some things or guidelines that we will follow to start landscaping the garden and they are discussed below.

1. Landscaping Mental preparation for creating a garden

2. Landscaping Designs for creating gardens     

3. Landscaping Select the season to create the garden

4.Landscaping Selection of land for making garden

5.Landscaping Soil testing for creating gardens

6. Prepare land for Landscaping Garden

7 Selection of seeds for Landscaping Garden

8. Landscaping Planting methods for creating gardens

9.Landscaping Materials required for making garden

10.Landscaping Garden maintenance care

Mental Preparation for Landscaping Garden:

Landscaping is the right guideline on how to create a garden.We will be sharing this post, so stay with us.There are some things or guidelines that we will follow to start landscaping the garden and they are discussed below.
Landscaping Garden
The first step to creating landscaping is mental preparation. And mental preparation is very important for making a garden. Landscaping How to start for making a garden and how to select the land from the beginning of sowing seeds to collecting seedlings should be decided beforehand and for that all mental preparation should be done.

Landscaping garden design or Guideline:

It is very important to create a design for the landscaping garden, and this design will depend on the work of creating your garden,  the Create a road for movement, Choose a place with Water supply system, Change the shaded place. Choose a sunny spot, think of the garden as a bed.
Landscaping Garden
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Selection of season for landscaping garden:

Selection of season for landscaping garden is another important issue. Because there are 6 seasons in 12 months, and it is very important to know which vegetable or flower fruit is good in this season, we will select the crop which is good in that season, and we will select it correctly for commercial or domestic cultivation.

Selection of Land for Landscaping Garden:

Selection of Landscaping Garden Land is another important issue. We will avoid shaded land where the sun does not shine. We will avoid that land for Landscaping Garden. Select the kind of land for making a garden that has enough light and air
stick to the ground, or it is not high or low. We will, I Will do it, and I will watch that the water does not select the land to create a landscaping garden that has a flat and light air and water irrigation system.
Landscaping Garden
Landscaping method of preparing soil for garden: It is very important to prepare soil for landscaping garden, and to prepare this soil we can take help of soil scientist, or we can prepare soil with training from Agriculture Extension Department.
Also according to a true Farmer sand is best suited for making a garden sand or 10 soil mixed with cow dung manure, leaf rot manure, wood burnt, ash, mustard shell, TSP, potash, rock lime etc. Thus we have a beautiful grand landscaping garden. Can prepare the soil for.

Preservation of seedlings for landscaping garden:

For landscaping garden, the seedlings that will be planted must be preserved in advance, for preservation of seedlings must be kept in a certain cold and dry place to protect from hail, wind and animals. and silty tea
 I will cut the roots with a sharp blade and after three to four days I will plant the seedlings for the garden.

Landscaping Garden Planting Methods and Guidelines:

Planting methods are different for different gardens. Planting methods for vegetables and flowers vary depending on the type of plant, the purpose of gardening, and garden management, etc.Which plays a very helpful role in the normal growth of the tree. Again, how many seedlings can be planted in each place depends on the method. Moreover, the beauty of a garden depends on the planting of seedlings, so some methods of planting seedlings are discussed below.

Square Method of Landscaping Garden Planting:

The most popular and discussed method for landscaping gardens is the square method. Especially short-term and fast-growing trees are planted in a square manner. For a landscaping garden, seedlings are kept at equal distance from row to row, and two rows of trees form a square, which increases the beauty of the garden. And it is convenient to maintain the garden.
In this, the growth of the plant is more, the heat and light of the sun get the air properly. And the growth of garden seedlings is good. The square method is more used especially for fruit orchards, such as mangoes. Jackfruit, Litchi, are planted in this manner.

Hexagonal method of planting seedlings for landscaping garden:

Another method of planting seedlings in Landscaping Garden is the hexagonal method or triangular method. In this method, an equilateral triangle is made by combining three trees in two rows. This method takes a little less space than the square method. And more trees can be planted in the garden. Especially Businessmen use this method. Although the layout is a bit difficult in this way, it increases the beauty of the garden, and the maintenance of the garden is convenient.
Landscaping Garden
1. A rope is held straight at one end of the selected land for planting saplings for landscaping gardens and another rope is held at the other end.
2. Hold the ribbon to do about 900 no of three four five methods.
3. Then, according to the distance of the tree, an equilateral triangle should be made with the bus rod and the triangle should be placed, and the pole should be placed in each corner and thus it will become a triangle.

Planned planting:

Another method of planting in Landscape garden is planned planting, If there is not enough space in the garden to plant square hexagons, if not all the work can be done in the same place, planting different fruit seedlings in different places can save the scion. A large quantity of seeds can be produced. Especially in mango orchards, it can be seen that mango trees are planted at a distance of 75 to 100 cm, and in this case, 15,000 to 20,000 seeds can be collected per cent.

Landscaping Materials needed for garden creation:

Landscaping requires a lot of materials to maintain and care for the garden. Such As spade, knife, spray machine, globe, sieve, apron, shovel, garden towel, water pump, net or fence. And many more. And these materials need to be stored or purchased before making a garden, and the most important thing is to know how to use them properly.
And to know its correct usage rules, we can take agricultural training, or take the help of an agriculturist, as well as take the help of Google or YouTube for its correct use or purchase.
Landscaping Garden

Landscaping Garden Maintenance and Care:

The most important task after creating a landscaping garden is proper maintenance and care. If a

 A good garden can never be created if the garden is not properly cared for or maintained. Below we will discuss how to properly care and maintain a garden.

Landscaping Regular application of fertilizers and pesticides in the garden:

Apply organic fertilizers and pesticides before and after planting seedlings in the garden. And if necessary, take the help of an agriculturist to use it, and use it properly, while using fertilizer, you should pay attention so that the fertilizer does not stick to the leaves of the plants in the garden. Use organic fertilizers to get proper nutrition of fruits and vegetables. And use Marks Hands Globs on the face when using pesticides.
Weeding in the garden: Weed regularly in the garden, taking care not to injure or break the plants while weeding.

Regular watering of the garden:

Keep proper arrangements for regular watering of the garden while making the garden, and water regularly. Note that water does not accumulate on the land or in the garden during irrigation. If there is water in the garden, make sure to drain it quickly, you can sprinkle wood powder to keep the soil moist.
Landscaping Garden

Trim excess parts of the tree:

Regularly trim the unnecessary parts of the tree. But be careful not to damage or break the tree while trimming the tree. If there is rot in the garden tree, lick it or remove the tree from the garden.

The economic role of Landscaping garden: The biggest advantage of a Landscaping garden is that, even if it fulfills the nutritional deficiency of their family, they can profit economically by selling the extra part in the market. Gardening on the roof of the house increases the beauty of the house and helps to get fresh air and fresh oxygen

Landscaping Garden

Disadvantages of Landscaping Garden and its Remedy:

Landscaping garden has some disadvantages, we can remedy them very easily. When irrigating the garden, due to the height of the garden, the water is stuck in the garden, or the burning force is created. And because of that, mosquitoes increase the breed of flies, and because of this, various diseases appear in the environment, so when finishing the water in the garden, care should be taken that waterlogging does not occur in the Garden.At the time of planting seedlings, plastic tubs or polythene tops should be kept in mind so that they are not spread in the garden. Plastic or polythene tops should be taken to a specific place and buried under the ground. Then it will not affect the environment. When killing weeds and pruning trees, take them to a specific place and burn them with fire or bury them under the ground. In this way, the harmful aspects of a garden can be remedied very easily. So a garden should be created through proper planning and following proper guidelines.


Due to increasing urbanization, the amount of land is decreasing in the cities, it is possible to create small gardens on the roof of the balcony or in the courtyard of our own efforts. Even if there is no commercial purpose, a landscaping garden plays a helpful role in meeting the nutritional needs of the family. So we can benefit from creating a landscaping garden for family and commercial by following the light guidelines.

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